Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Lets get Manipulating

Once I have designed, woven or printed my designs I love to manipulate the fabrics, to create textures. Using a mixture of felting, cutting and stitching I was able to create interesting fabric pieces that were both contemporary and luxurious.

This is one of my favourite designs. By just using a simple method of cutting and felting the fabric I wasable to come up with a very intersting and tactile piece.

To create a luxurious fabric I hand felted wool bonded the fibres with felting needles and then machine stitched on top of the felt. I believe that this has given the fabric more depth and increased the strength of the colour in the design.

Again using the method of felting and cutting I have been able to give an interesting texture to the cloth. Having cut the cloth gives it movement and the ability to stretch releving colours from under the pattern.

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